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Life in a foreign university | ‘Navigating life at University of Sheffield to becoming VP of Women in Engineering Society’

Indians at UK - University Staff Strike

I embarked on my bitter-sweet journey to the UK in the middle of a raging pandemic in September of 2021. I am in my second year of the integrated master’s course in Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University of Sheffield and have come a long way from home.

While the traditional bachelor’s degree courses in England are spread over three years, the integrated master’s course includes three years for a bachelor’s and an additional one for the master’s.

From academics to scholarships and city life
While studying abroad undeniably gives one exposure to the world and makes one more open-minded and independent, this wasn’t my only reason for choosing to study at the University of Sheffield.

During high school at the National Public School, Bengaluru, where I studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, and English, I was looking for universities both in India as well as abroad.

The University of Sheffield is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and is ranked highly for its Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department. It also happened to be one of the few universities in the UK that offered a course in Electronics and Computer Engineering, which is even accredited by the IET.

Apart from the academic side, the relaxed and green environment with an inclusive and international atmosphere at Sheffield was also a plus. As compared to some of the other bigger cities in the UK, living costs are reasonable in Sheffield. With the hustle and bustle, Sheffield has the pros of a city with the Peak District right around the corner.

The third reason was financial. The university awarded me the International Undergraduate Merit scholarship, which is worth 50 percent of the tuition fee. I also received the Engineering Excellence Scholarship and Anne Bainbridge Scholarship for my performance in Class 12 exams.


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